Build An Edge With Dynamic
Container Tracking And Predictions

Key Features

  • Predict ETA and ETD of vessels and containers  
  • Capture important container event milestones
  • Review the reliability of carriers and services
  • Receive real-time container risk alerts

Do More Than Container Track And Trace

Move from carrier schedules to real-time container tracking now made easy for you. Predict your containers ETA through the supply chain for better customer service and lean inventory planning 

Receive real-time alerts on container movement risk based on multiple factors like weather, operational changes, container events, port risks, etc. 

Our platform is proven with leading freight forwarders, manufacturers and ports.

Why Customers Like Us

Real-time & Accurate

We use proprietary machine learning technology, advanced and derived data sets to deliver real-time accurate container shipment visibility.

Identify delay risks days ahead of the arrival.

Global Coverage

Supporting 100+ shipping lines, forwarders and NVOCCs. Covering over 700+ container ports and terminals

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Easy-to-use platform

Upload any vessel or container name to track and predict movement.

Alternatively, integrate with simple APIs into your control tower or transport management system.

No more manual work

Access global container movements and risk patterns across carriers in one single platform.

No need to call multiple agents for updates and spend hours on tracking.

Intelligent Vessel & Container Visibility
Over 100+ shipping lines and NVOCCs

Explore our ocean freight carrier coverage

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Covering over 700+ seaports and terminals

Coming soon: Terminal integrations available on request for major ports in China, Europe, Americas.

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Case Study

Intelligent Container Visibility for a Global Freight Forwarder

Client: Global freight forwarder, with more than 700,000 ocean container TEUs shipped annually

The Challenge: How to improve customer satisfaction using real-time cargo tracking

Solution: Intelligent Container Visibility

95%+ Forecast Accuracy

Accurate real-time prediction of container movement and potential risks were provided, using the latest machine learning algorithms

>$500,000 Cost Savings Per Annum

Buffer stocks and emergency shipments were reduced, lowering supply chain costs

80% Time Saved From Manual Tracking

Large portion of time spent chasing shipment updates was reduced. Predictive risk management identified potential problems based on the weather, schedule changes, rollovers, delays, congestion, etc.

Optimized Carrier Selection & Auditing

Carriers were compared using multiple metrics – per trade lane, transit time, arrival time, etc. Client could review carrier based on reliability in addition to cost

Our Process


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Discover first hand the value of our predictive ETAs by uploading a test batch of containers or vessels. No log in or platform set up required. Get started in under 5 mins.

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Discover our Features

Test out our full suite of features to optimise lead times, reduce safety stock and improve productivity by real-time container tracking for any carrier, at any port in the voyage.

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