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Matson Container Tracking by delivers real-time visibility of your ocean cargo delivered in a simple to use web app platform or integrated via API. Portcast MATS container tracking and tracing offer comprehensive global coverage for all your ocean shipments.

Supporting Matson container tracking by BL, container or booking number. Set up container tracking today in less than 3 minutes. 

More than your conventional track & trace container tracking. Redefining the notion of real-time

Live Vessel Location / AIS

Track vessels position in real-time, powered by global nano-satellite imagery

Container Event Milestones

Aggregate all your container movements across multiple bookings and carriers in one single tool

Predictive ETA

Accurate ETA predictions multiple days ahead of the arrival

Container Terminal Tracking

Supporting direct container port integrations across select geographies and seaports.

About Matson


Founded: 1882

Corporate HQ: Oakland, US



Matson container tracking is enabled with our Matson shipping container tracking platform to provide predictive visibility. You can effortlessly incorporate accurate visibility into your supply chain with the Portcast container track and trace platform.


Matson Navigation Company is the premier expert in navigating supply chain challenges, bringing 140 years of expertise to the complexities of moving freight. Matson’s two subsidiaries are Matson Integrated Logistics (MIL) and Matson Terminals Inc. 


They are the experts for Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, and islands of the South Pacific and provide the top shipping solutions in the world’s largest trade lane, Asia to the U.S. West Coast. 

Matson is a Honolulu-based company, listed on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “MATX”. The company’s fleet of vessels includes containerships, combination container and ro-ro ships and custom-designed barges. 

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Over 100+ shipping lines and NVOCCs

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Covering over 700+ seaports and terminals

Coming soon: Terminal integrations available on request for major ports in China, Europe, Americas.

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