Port congestion monitoring for over 700+ sea ports globally

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Manage port disruptions at a global level

Have a more accurate picture of the final vessel arrival time by accessing wait time for any vessel at any loading, destination or transit point in the world. Set your own congestion limits and enable notifications for when congestion is above your limit at a specified port.

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Port congestion insights that are real-time

Our indicators consider all the vessels, including those that do not have ATAs or are waiting at anchorage areas, to compile a true view of the congestion at a given port. Monitor scheduled sailings and vessels currently at port at any port in the world in order to manage port congestion and blind spots. Respond proactively and exceed your customer expectations.

Indicators to enable agile supply chains

Understand expected turnaround times at a given port in order to optimize your shipment delivery and inventory forecasting. Plan your route multiple weeks ahead to divert traffic away from the most congested ports.

dwell time delays
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Our data where you need it most

Leverage intelligent alerts and container tracking features to reduce your demurrage cost and idle time. Accessible via our web app or an API integration with your TMS, ERP, WMS, or any other system of choice.

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