Tap On AI-driven Demand Management

Key Features

  • Use real-time data (satellite, weather, carrier schedules, operational risks) and machine learning technology
  • Flag unusual behaviour in booking patterns and customer profiles
  • Major trade lanes covered globally
  • Customized forecasts to build your supply chain scenarios

Optimize Yield Management With Dynamic Demand Forecasting

Accurate demand forecasts are the holy grail to achieve smarter pricing, higher capacity utilization and efficient asset repositioning.

Use Portcast to carry out dynamic pricing and get ahead of your competitors.

By using our platform, you possess a real-time view of your booking patterns, customer profile, external economic trends and seasonalities to make data-driven decisions.

Build scenarios on the platform with demand forecasts more effective than current processes and improve your sales and operations planning.  

Proven with leading shipping lines and air cargo operators.

Why Customers Like Us

Optimize yield management

Using real-time data, demand is forecasted 6-8 weeks ahead for shipping lines. For air cargo operators, the forecast is 90 days ahead

Forecasting at every level

Demand is forecasted down to the port, airport and product level. By assessing a multitude of external factors, customers can make changes proactively to maintain a lean supply chain

Increase revenue

Customers benefit from reduced costs by repositioning empty assets

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Market Demand
Case Study

Cargo Demand Forecasting for a Global Shipping Line

Client: Global shipping line

The Challenge: Improve capacity utilization and price effectively

Solution: Dynamic demand forecasting

0.5% – 3% Revenue Increase

With access to information such as load factors, capacity shortfall and booking trends, the client was able to make better pricing and capacity decisions

>100,000 Hours Saved p.a.

By moving away from spreadsheets to the platform, efficiency improved dramatically. Updates to demand predictions and data are found in one place

Better Frequency and Granularity of Predictions

Demand predictions are made on every level- region, country, port, service and product. Daily (air cargo) and weekly (ocean cargo) forecasts are one click away

Improved Customer Service and Sustainability

Using our predictive software led to better yield management and load factors. In addition, the client was able to carry out sustainable asset repositioning

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