Our Supply Chain Value Proposition

Leverage the power of external data to optimise your supply chain today

  • Achieve OTIF for all your shipments transported through Ocean shipping
  • Receive risk notifications of shipment delays up to 5 days in advance and alternative shipping routes
  • Get full visibility of the entire shipment voyage from the port of loading to the port of discharge 
  • Save significant time otherwise spent on manually checking for container status updates
  • Access accurate ETA predictions with an ease of mind through enterprise-level security and scalable cloud platform
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Intelligent Vessel & Container Visibility
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Improve container on-time reliability and receive delay warnings days in advance

Intelligent Container Visibility

Relying on container shipping schedules to track and trace is no longer a reliable option. Automate track and trace for your containers globally using machine learning

Receive early warning notifications for any shipment delays in real time and inform your factories, warehouses and truckers beforehand to reduce detention charges

In addition to arrival predictions, we provide you with qualitative reasons for delay like congestion or weather adversities. 

Have you been manually tracking shipment updates? Reduce manual eta tracking by up to 80% and start securing your shipments on time in full  

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Optimize capacity of transport assets with efficient forecasting and demand management

Cargo Demand Forecasting

Static demand data is crippling your pricing and revenue management. Improve yield management by accurately forecasting demand up to 3 months ahead

We take into account external indicators such as economic patterns, market capacity, customer no shows, cancellations & rollovers, seasonalities and holidays to forecast demand for you 

Real-time demand forecasting allows you to implement dynamic pricing for better capacity utilisation and improve your sales and operations planning process

Demand forecasting is done at a granular level, down to the scale of global (air)port-pairs

Build scenarios with your internal promotions and capacity strategies today

Forecast Demand
forecasting and demand management
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