Global Port Congestion Tracker by Portcast

Get insight on any port of interest to make your planning more reliable and meet OTIF requirements. Our datasets include expected vessel delays at arrival, vessel count waiting at anchorage, and more.

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Port Congestion Monitoring For 700+ Sea Ports

Explore Live Port Congestion Map

Get an accurate picture of current port congestion at any loading, destination, or transit point worldwide.

Port Congestion Map View
2 indicators of port congestion

Proactively Manage the Impact Of Port Disruptions

Our indicators consider both the vessels at the port/anchorages and incoming traffic to help you measure port congestion’s impact on supply chains. Communicate proactively and exceed your customer expectations by having port congestion weekly updates as an analysis tool.

Select Effective Routes Based on Port Congestion Statistics

Understand expected turnaround times at a port to optimise shipment delivery and inventory forecasting. Plan your route multiple weeks ahead to divert traffic away from the most congested ports.

Proactively Manage Impact Of Port Congestion Image

Complete And True Picture Of Congestion

Wide coverage of major ports

Covering over 700+ seaports globally.

Complete dataset

Ships waiting at and around anchorage are included in the calculation.

Metrics that matter

Including the number of vessels and average waiting time for the last six months.

Updated weekly

Our data is updated weekly so that your team is always up-to-date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

— How will I get access to the Port Congestion tool?

You can first view a free demo of the port congestion dashboard at this link. No payment or credit card details are required. If you find the tool useful and want to get information about the congestion levels of any port in the world, you can then purchase our monthly subscription here.

After completing the purchase, our support specialist will send your credentials to your email within 24 hours after the successful payment.

— What metrics do you display to compare port congestion levels?

Currently, our port congestion dashboard provides two metrics to estimate how busy the port is: Vessel Waiting Time and Vessel Traffic At the Port. We will increase the number of metrics to provide more details in the future based on your feedback; please don’t hesitate to contact us and share your use cases.

— How do you calculate the 'Vessel Waiting Time' metric?

We use median waiting time, at and around the anchorage, for all the container vessels that are about to visit and visited the port during the week. Please, note that Portcast Port Congestion Index considers all the vessels that have started waiting already even though they have not arrived at the port yet. This gives the true picture of congestion during the week.

— How do you calculate the 'Vessel Traffic At Port' metric?

To get an accurate number we take into account all container vessels that visited the port.

— How can I use port congestion data?

Plan better for your future shipments and better estimate the timeliness (or lack thereof) of your current shipments